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The benefits of a beautiful smile are not only physical. Feeling confident about your smile can make a profound difference in the way you communicate with others. Dr Fader specializes in Lava™ porcelain crown restorations - one of the most aesthetic and clinically proven all-ceramic restorations available today. LAVA™ crowns are made from zirconium oxide (zirconia) - a material which has such a natural appearance that it is very difficult to distinguish from your natural teeth.

Lava™ Crowns allow light to shine through just like normal teeth. The zirconia framework is colored to match the individual color of your teeth before the fine layers of veneer ceramic are applied to it. In this way the color and translucency of your own teeth are imitated to the very core. Lava™ restorations also offer excellent long-term stability with no allergenic potential.

Advantages include:

– Exceptional strength, Aesthetics and Translucency
Extreme natural appearance and feel with High Fracture Resistance

– Outstanding marginal fit ~ Eliminates any grey shadows along gumline

– Totally Biocompatible (Non-Allergic)

– Less Existing Tooth Structure Removed

– Low thermal conductivity resulting in greater comfort to patients

– Conventionally cemented ~ Virtually as strong and reliable natural teeth

You may not have the smile you want, but with Dr. Fader's expertise and experience in complete smile rejuvenations with LAVA™ Crowns, you can easily the achieve natural, healthy, and bright smile you desire.